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    Harry's featured original "An Ambulance can only go so fast"  

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    Gig Friday Sept 30 at St. Stephens Green Public House ~Spring Lake NJ     

    www.ssgpub.com  9:30pm

    Harry~Acoustic Baritone Guitar/vocals

    Larry~Acoustic Drums
    AKA Blue Light Rain Duo
    Playing cover songs of Neil Young,CS&N,Hot Tuna
    An Irish Pub,Irish Food & Beer
    Each song in a different key,alternate tunings,open tunings
    Down the NJ Shore on a friday night
    Come on by if your near,it would be wonderful to see you there~
    Playing through 2 Bose line array L1 sound systems

  • Ambulance

    by Harry Bigelow

    Harry's Studio

    "An Ambulance can only go so fast"


    June 1, 2014

    A siren cries,a child dies,bloodstain concrete,tears in your eyes,just another day.

    An ambulance can only go so fast,deaths there,he takes the last breath in a blink of an eye.

    An ambulance can only go so fast

    Did you know you are an angel in my eye.
    Peaking through deaths looking glass,the one you found,I remember when,in a corner without exits.
    Take this box inside of me,of a thousand deaths i have seen and set it free.
    An ambulance can only go so fast.

    And did I tell you,your a angel in my life.
    Sometimes you see the light in the life you save other times the darkness can overwhelm you.
    Souls fortified by walls,stories forbidden to be told,you walk invisible through the world.
    An ambulance can only go so fast,
    you are angels in my life.





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